Whenever someone asks me during class when will they see results, or how much does it will take in order to get visible results, I always smile and answer the same. It doesn’t matter if you are old, young, whichever your weight maybe, as it doesn’t matter if you are into fitness, pilates, yoga, weightlifting, martial arts or any other physical activity or sport. The answer will be always the same, no matter how much does anyone promise to you (like informercials, new or old schools, etc)

1) In the first place, and most important of all are constancy, perseverance and diligence. If you lack of any of these, it won’t matter if any of the other points are 100%, you will fail! You must follow a real schedule according to your activity, age, time and real physical condition.

2) You must have a realistic goals, in short, mid and long term. This is much better if you get set this by a profesional rather than yourself (unless you are a profesional, although an advice from another point of view is always enriching)

3) No matter how much you workout, you won’t burn your calories if you keep eating more than you burn. It won’t help if you starve, not to mention how dangerous it can be. NEVER overtrain, NEVER set your own diet, unless you are a profesional nutritionist. You MUST look for profesional aid if you want your six pack to be noticed. A plus will be that you’ll live a healthier lifestyle once you learn how to eat correctly and accordingly to your activity. Visible results mostly in diet, I would give it a 60% (less or more it doesn’t matter, the point is that you notice how important is to eat well)

4) One thing often unnoticed, maybe good or bad news, is genetics. If your bones are thick and heavy, no matter how much you train, you won’t never be slim, or if you had been always an stick, it will be more difficult to you to be like arnold, but it could be. So, do the best with what you’ve got, and improve, never give up, you will always get results if you pay attention to the other 3 points.

5) The earlier you start, the better and sooner results you will get, but you’ll always get results. People come to me telling me “I’m 65 and I had never worked out”, I just think to myself “How can you live a life without moving your skeleton?” But even in 83 year old students I had seen results, imagine the results you can get if you’re younger. Imagine the results of a profesional who’s coming back to a physical activity after a couple of years, evidently this person will get sooner visible results. And this takes us to a very important point: NEVER compare yourself to others, NEVER try to emulate without proper form and training to anyone or you may get injured. You MUST follow your own pace.

6) And this leads us to a very important point, proper form. It is quite funny when I listen “I can do 1,000 crunches”. Who cares about the quantity! When the most important point is quality. So again, you must follow a profesional advice about proper form, you MUST NEVER neglect this point, or you’ll get poor results or you can get injured, even permanently. You must be realistic to your condition and follow your own pace, even if your instructor asks you for more during class.

7) And last, but not less important, is that you MUST never neglect to rest, the recovery time is as important as your training activity and it depends on your goals, your schedule, the level of difficulty on your activity and some other reasons, never forget to ask to your trainer. ALWAYS remember that “less is more”.

You see, this is simple, don’t give up, you’ll see results, go get it!

Happy healthy living!


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