The sun rays were playing with the tiny hut up there in the middle of the hill. The grass was lazy letting himself to be pet by the wind, it was green, you could notice small flowers in it once you were walking there, touching your knees, they were yellow and white and a little bit pale.
The weather that day was particularly warm. The pines in the top of the hill were still, the wind prefered to play down there, as if it was waiting to be invited inside the house.
A lonely man was standing feeling the wind, he was strong, tall and with a dark beard that covered almost half of his face, with small but full of life eyes, he was preparing the wood for a bonfire.
The one he used to set every afternoon while at home before the temperature went down almost every day. He loved to play the woodsman there, to be an explorer of the third world was something though, only for real men, it was wild and extremely dangerous.
Sometimes he regreted to be in the Mission. He didn’t believe what was supposed to be a secret but that everybody talked about anywhere. That after the 4th war both worlds, Arga and Magada, had become unstable. Experts said that just a few years ahead, every life would become to an end. Every day that passed by the relationships between both worlds became harder, leading them to a 5th war. Things were getting worse. You couldn’t tell what would come first, the end of life in both worlds due to the Energy field left by the previous war, 150 years before, or the 5th war.
He knew that Arga had the advantage that they were close to the third world. But the Sect, a specialized militar team from Magada was hunting all the people of the Mission, making every flight dangerous. It was harder for Magadians to get to the third world, but they were doing their best to make things difficult for the Mission of Argians.
He was an Argian, he was proud of it. He was smiling while putting the wood in the bonfire. The last time the Sect men didn’t only fail, but he was responsible for destroying the cockpit of the enemy spaceship with one straight shot, something that was almost imposible to do, and he got it only with one damn shot, his smile grew bigger…

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