Everything started when I did gymnastics. I used to feel so comfortable doing my own practice, feeling my body, its balance challenged. You know, you can feel that liberty while flying for a few seconds, you feel superstrong and powerful. Then, my life changed and I started martial arts. One day, I became a pilates instructor. Where I found a lot of teachers with a background of dancers and personal trainers, you could notice which  was which due to the personal flavor of the class they used to teach.

It was then when I started to notice that I had been in two niches for so long, where I met people like me, who had more or less the same interests. So, in a way, you could tell there was barely a difference. Indeed, there were equal number of women and men (more or less)

But you can’t tell that when you go to a pilates class, its full of girls, and few or no men. There’s that prejudice that pilates is for girls, but when Joseph Pilates created the method it has never been intended only for one sex. You always listen the comment that a girl is trying to bring her boyfriend/husband into class, but he always replies that pilates is for girls.

But almost every time that she manages to bring him into class, he suffers as he never expected he would. Sometimes they come back, after understanding that it is a great method. It is not easy.

As Pilates is a method of control, where strength, balance and flexibility are equally important, I can tell that nowadays women are more prepared than men. This is translated into a body that is healthier, even stronger than that of common men. And the question is, what’s wrong with the modern man? To be a  man doesn’t mean not to be in-shape. Many men neglect their health just for the mere beleif that men=strength. Absolutely incorrect.

And then I became a TRX instructor. My surprise was that many TRX classes have more women than I expected. And once again, women won. Although, normally a girl comes weak, it is such her desire to improve that they surpass their goals.  Men normally demonstrate to be inconsistent, giving as a result that girls get stronger first. When a woman starts in either pilates or TRX, it is well seen that she is weak, therefore she never feel embarrased while working out if she can’t handle it, and eventually she will get it, I promise. But when weak men come, and they see that women are  stronger than him, he just can’t stand it, he gives an excuse and never appears again.

So, I was astonished to hear today that a guy was feeling embarrased not to be able to endure a complete Crossfit class, while girls could. You see? The same pattern appears.

This is my personal opinion based on personal experience, but this leads me to the conclusion that women are stronger than men. Times changes, maybe fiction movies are right and someday in a near future women will rule the world and a male president would be only a legend (it doesn’t matter if its right or wrong, I’m just expressing an opinion, after all fiction is one of my favorites subjects to write about) What do you think?


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