This was the fifth tremor in the morning. The name of the bearded man was Gal. He was getting used to the frequency of the tremors, sometimes they lasted more than a minute, but sometimes you could barely notice them because they lasted the ridiculous amount of one second. Gal knew they happened because everybody in the Mission had this little device that kept a track of every tremor. These tremors were the inheritance of the last war. Rare was the day when they didn’t occur. But this one lasted a little bit more than two minutes, the third in this active day, the twenty first in seven days. This was something to be worried about.

The Central was getting to busy trying to get the world stable.The Central was a huge facility in the north pole of Arga, it penetrated to the core of the world pumping energy and recicling it in order to get the world stable before it blew up. A cousin of Gal worked up there and he kept him informed, but the news were getting worse every day.

Therefore it was vital for the Mission to get to the third world first. But they knew it was an hostile world, full of wild, huge and terrifying lizards. In Arga, Animals were mammals. A couple of months ago, a terranus, a huge lizard with huge jaws and big fangs ate almost half of the crew of ship twenty two. Only bad news.

Gal grimaced. He wouldn’t be there if he hadn’t been lucky, he thougth that he would never return to this beautiful place. But he had a hunch, he was almost sure that he would never be back. He needed to get everything set. A ritual to say goodbye to the place that was a mute witness of his childhood, when things were nicer. He got up and closed his eyes feeling the wind again…

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