Gal cousin name was Ord, he wasn’t as tall as Gal, he was thinner, pale and dark straigth hair. If you’d paid attention to his face you could notice a few freckles. He was the kind of guy who was silent, he had a severe sight that could make uncomfortable to almost anyone, but somehow Gal managed to unnotice that.

It was Ord who appeared in the communication device, he urged Gal to pass by his appartment before shipping, but something was not going as usual, it was a brief message, something recorded. Therefore Gal was unable to reply. Then he started to feel uncomfortable. Those damn butterflies started to tickle even more. He even considered the possibility to ignore the message and just ship. But curiosity was powerful. He did pass.

The eye recognition worked properly, in a second he was inside the appartment in the twentyfifth floor in Maguda city. Maguda wasn’t a big city, just about ten thousand people, but it was famous because there was the spaceport for the Mission.

Once inside, he had to adjust his eyes, it was neat, absolutely clean and extra white. A wide, ultra flat and transparent screen appeared just in front of him. He had to step back because a huge Ord face popped inside.

– Hi Gal– said Ord, obviously recorded– It’s me again, sorry about this inconvenient, but I promise it won’t take long, just let me put something in your DR device, you can check it while in your spaceship, it will take about a minute or so.

Gal moved the device in his wrist, so it would be visible, towards the screen. A blue scan found it and started to upload its info into it. It took thirty seconds.

– That’s it Gal! So keep on moving, don’t lose the flight!…Hope to see you soon, anyway, when you’re back, we can go to the pub…oh, Holy Lord!– and the image dissapeared suddenly, leaving Gal astonished, why does the message ended that way.

He tried then to call Ord back, but the device kept telling him that the communication for that moment wasn’t possible or that the receiver was unavailable.

Those butterflies seemed to be multiplying themselves…


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