Gal took the magnetic subway towards the spaceport, towards his crew and his spaceshift. He was starting to get relaxed. He used to feel excited before every flight, as if it was his first time. He loved his job. Gal was thinking how beautiful it was the feeling to be surrounded by stars, the sun and the worlds nearby. Arga had two moons, which were used as space stations, they used to be very important before the third war, but after it they lost its importance and its sphere form was compromised and they looked more like a smashed potato. Basically, they didn’t stay in any of them more than a day.
Then Gal started to remember the day he saw his cousin in Ibe station, that was the name of the ugliest moon. They had a couple of beers in the pub, they were younger and they had recently graduated from school. This thought took Gal back to reality and started to look anxiously to his wrist device.
So he couldn’t hold it anymore, he didn’t wait to find a better and safer place, and he decided to take a peek of the message Ord uploaded to his device.
A small blue mesh starship appeared over his wrist rotating.
The man sitting aside him said:
-Wow! That looks nice! What kind of starship is that? It looks huge!
Gal looked at him in such an unfriendly manner that the curious guy didn’t had any option but to look elsewhere.
A voice in Gal’s ear device completed the information given by the wrist one:
– The Arc is 99% complete and will be ready to be launched from Ibe’s hidden station in two weeks. All the animals and plants are in it. Human crew will be ready in a month and every Principal would be able to be on board after that time.
A principal was someone who was in the top class of the Argian society, just a few were able to be in that small group who had the power, almost none could move upward and be a part of them.
Then an image of the Central appeared over the device, but a tremendous explotion interrupted the process, the train was derailed and people, objects and seats flew everywhere, Gal included.
He felt among pieces of the train, fire and corpses, he couldn’t hear anything but an annoying buzz in his ears.
Then he lost consciousness…


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