Aia was looking through the huge window. She could see the Raguda city dawn, orange and red and somewhat yellow and purple. The sun was an orange circle in the middle and gave outstanding life to the skycrapers.
Aia was dressed in a white tight outfit, that made her tall femmel form impossible not to look. She was fit but slim. Her skin was like silk, white but tanned, she had big green eyes and her hair was dark as night and she had it cut to the shoulders, as it was used in Maguda fashion standards. She was absolutely beautiful.
She knew everything that was about to happen. Anyone else in her position would have broken, but after years of training she had mastered self control.
She seemed to be looking to Raguda, but her thougths were lost trying to figure out what could be the next movement of the Sect.
She was a member of the secret group known as the Resistance,  which actions were focused in stopping the Sect to reach their monstrous goal.
That was swimming in her mind  when her eyes witnessed the derailment of the train after the explotion…


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