Gal opened his eyes without knowing where he was, everything was blur and white. He could listen to voices in a hall nearby. After a few seconds he realized that he was in a hospital, there still was that buzzing sound in his ears but diminished. He tried to stand up but he was a little bit dizzy. He touched his head and realized that he survived. A few bandages were in some parts of his body with some bruises here and there. But mostly he was fine.

His ear and wrist devices were removed but they were laying in a table next to him. He took them but then realized that he was wearing hospital clothes. After scanning the room, he found his clothes in a drawer in front of him, he knew they were there because an sleeve and a part of his trousers were hanging out of it, as if they were put hastily inside. He stood up slowly and checked if he could stand on his feet. Then he went to take his clothes and put them on carelessly. He took his time to do this. Then he put the devices on and started to look at his cousin message. Although he started to feel a little bit of pain in his ear that he solved by pressing a little over it.

Ord started to explain that the Arc was almost ready, that the Sect was only a decoy of the Principals from Arga and Magada whom wanted to destroy both worlds and start all over again by puryfing the race. They were about to accomplish this in a couple of months, maybe less. They were using the Central to do so, there was another one in Magada, which after connecting into each other would destabilize the cores and every life would be ceased. These Principals would escape in the Arc towards the third world…


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