Gal didn’t know if he was astonished, scared, overwhelmed, anxious or what. He just couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Ord was talking about some sort of mass destruction weapon hidden in the Central, that the Central was that weapon indeed, that everything was a conspiracy of the Principals of both worlds, that they only had about a month of the life they knew and after that everything would be over.
But things got even hilarious when Ord was asking him to take the information of his device to a group known as the Resistance, which he had never heard about. He was even smiling while hearing this, just thinking – Yeah, Ord…you bet I will!
He then passed from disbeleif to anger when Ord told him that after listening to this he would be a part of the Resistance and that he would be tagged as a criminal too. He then took his device and threw it against the wall acompained with a melodic course, damn you f**ing Ord where the last one Gal said. But the impact proof device was without any scratch.
Ord last words, I mean last commandment was:
– Gal, listen to me! There’s no turning back, in your hands are now the fate of two worlds and millions of human lifes!…


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