A small earthquake brougth Gal towards reality. He knew that every device could be monitored secretly by the police and it was absolutely legal. It could be minutes until they come for him, all his neat space career, more than 15 years, screwed in a few minutes, if he hadn’t rushed into Ord’s place, all this wouldn’t have happened. But it was also true that the information given was very valuable, how much could they pay for it? The men from the Resistance, just in case he managed to get rid of the policemen.
– Are you insane?…How could you possibly run away?…No way!- Gal thougth
And if he managed to get away, how could he find people he didn’t even heard of before?
An unfrienly knock was heard in the other side of the door.
– Open the door!…This is the police!
– The door has no lock- a femmel voice replied. Gal supposed it belonged to the nurse.
He didn’t tried to move. They were already there…


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