Both policemen were strong, slim and tall, but next to Gal they weren’t that much. The nurse wasn’t tall at all, her eyes were about Gal’s chest. She wasn’t thin, a few extra pounds but nice looking. Short hair to the shoulders like Aia. She was walking behind those three tall men. From her point of view they were a kind of barrier, she decided to dissapear once they turned left in the next hall.
The three men walked away through the main entrance of the hospital, where it was a wide square with a fountain in the middle, towards the patrol where two other policemen were waiting inside for the prisoner. A couple of police hoverbikes were behind the patrol.
Gal hands and half of his forearms were trapped inside a sophisticaded pair of handcuffs. Gal was looking at the sun reflection in the skycrappers windows and the flying cars above them, it was early in the morning because there weren’t too much, when a sudden shake of a powerful earthquake threw them to the ground. Windows crashed in a second and begin to fall and a bridge over them that connected two buildings began to collapse. A piece of it felt over the patrol and one hoverbike crushing them.
Gal saw a unique opportunity to move, he hit the head of the closest police and kicked the knee of the other one and then smashed his jaw with the handcuffs.
– what’s next?- he thougth- Ord won’t believe me again!
He was suprised for having knocked out two in less than ten seconds.
– Lucky I am!
But he realized that his hands were still trapped. Then, after searching for a few seconds, he found the keycard of the handcuffs and released his hands free.
He could feel the earthquake diminshing.
One shiny hoverbike was still there.
After a small seach he found the hoverbike keycard in the belt of one police.
He was officialy now the most wanted free fugitive of two worlds…


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