Gal could’t believe how lucky he was for the second time in less than two weeks. This wasn’t usual. ‘Must be an omen, he thought. He was the kind of regular guy who had to work hard to get whatever he wanted. And now he was sitting on the hoverbike thinking without realizing the policemen were starting to come back from the knock-out. Then he shoke his head when he saw them standing. Time to move, he thought. He inserted the keycard into its place and in a second he was floating away from the police. He didn’t realized until then that he didn’t had a clue where to go, besides he didn’t have more than 3 min before he had all the police department after him. The response in a city like Raguda was about a minute, but after the huge quake, the emergency sevices had better things to do. He moved away from the main road towards a parallel street with not to much traffic where the people were rather busy to get home or to a safer place to see if their families were all right. Communication devices were out. He calculated they would be available in less than 5 min. This was another reason to worry about, because he could be found via his device, which fortunately was masked due to his outer space activities, this would give him about 10 to 12 hours before he had the police over him again.
-I have less than a day to find this mother f**ckers and I don’t have a clue who they are and where to find this bunch of bigots!
Gal was driving really fast without knowing where to start, when he got to the Wuarters, a neighborhood known by their mafia. He stopped. Maybe this was the right place to start.
It was difficult to walk through this narrow streets, full of people, stores, whores and burglars. This place was full of shiny colors and weird people. Someone was holding a big poster with the written message: “Beware! The end of both worlds is now, repent or suffer neverending hell!”
He saw five policemen nearby, time to move away. But somebody had started a fight in a store next to them. He was able to sneak out without been noticed…


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