After walking anywhere for a while, Gal couldn’t decide where to start, even when he had started his search. But as he was clueless he decided to walk a little bit more in that neighborhood trying to find something, but he didn’t know what to expect. And time was running out. He was feeling that kind of calm that you feel when you know that everything is screwed up, everything is the same for you.

He decided to go back his steps when he saw tha bigot again, the one with the apocalipsis  poster. The man stared at him without any emotion and in absolute silence. Gal explained him that he was looking for a group trying not to give any information while trying to explain everything; difficult thing to do.

Borg was the name of the bigot man. When Gal finished he just told him – Follow me!

Gal went with him unsure if he was going the right way. Borg took him a few streets from the point they’ve met into a third floor appartment, which smelled terrlbly as if it hadn’t been opened for ages, its light was yellow and  despairing, only a few rays from the sun entered from a large but narrow dirty vent window. It was small for the quantity of people in there, about forty whom where listening to their enthusiastic guru, who was speaking about the end of both worlds and the prophecy fullfilment.

Borg demanded silence to Gal, they’ve sat next to the door in the only available places. The guru was asking for new martyrs whom would sacrifice themselves for a greater cause, to spread their message, to make people listen and repent. They would use any method available, including the attacks, like that from train, their message was so urgent to be known that everything was valid for their purposes. They really believed what the so called guru was saying that any replies were listened.

This group was known as the LIghts of the True Sun. Where the hell I am? These are the ones responsible for the derailment –Gal thought– These are not the guys…Now what?…Time to run!

Gal jumped from his seat and moved quickly towards the exit, but as soon as the guru saw his movement, he shouted – Get him! Nobody can leave this place once he enters!…


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