Aia wasn’t sure whether start moving or not, Ord told her that the man would contact them soon, the one with the information that would put togheter both pieces to start the Arc. Both pieces made the Key which would start the Arc engine. It was divided into two pieces to avoid anything wrong would happen, like the Key falling into the wrong hands. Aia wasn’t supposed to have her half, the Resistance took it from the Principals, whose mission was to destroy both worlds.

The Resistance had its origins in a moderate version of the Principals whom used to rule over both worlds 400 years ago, they began to lose control then, and other group with squared ideas raised and put the former into the shadows of novelty. They began a new regime, which eventually dissagreed and ended in the first worlds war, they never were able to restablish a single kindom after that. And they there were, a small group trying to wipe the worlds in order to stablish their ideas as the only valid ones. But the Resistance kept moving in the shadows, trying to make their plans fail. But the plan to wipe was the most terrible one they ever had. A few of the Resistance died to get the information.

Aia just needed the Key complete in order to start the Arc and take it away from the squared Principals, as she used to call them. Ord was in the Central with another group in order to stop and destroy it if possible, that was to avoid the destruction of both worlds. If they managed to destroy one facility, in either one of the worlds, they wouldn’t be able to wipe them off. Another group of the Resistance was then ready to took the power and restablish a new order, a peaceful one. Those were the plans of the Resistance.

But that last quake was produced in the Central, those weren’t good news. What’s going on there, Ord? She thought. What if any part of the plan failed? What would they do? Besides the Magadian Principals were so angry that they were looking for any excuse to start a new war against the Argians.

She decided to move, the building where she was was no longer safe, it was full of fissures. Besides her group needed to keep moving, the secret police were hunting them too…


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