At the same time that Gal was trying to reach the door while a bunch of angry bigots were running after him, a police team was gathering below the bigots building, they were there after getting all the proofs that they were guilty of the derailment. When they’ve saw Gal rushing out of the door, they couldn’t do the mental connections too fast to realize what the hell was doing one of the most wanted man with the most wanted terrorists.
After Gal passed over a couple of them throwing them to the ground, they’ve begun to realize that the bonus prize was running away from their hands.
For a couple of seconds, the bigots and the police stared at each other hesitating whether going after Gal or starting an epic brawl. But soon they’ve realized the inevitable, and both teams clashed.
Gal was lucky again. When he turn backwards to see how much distance he still had from the bigots, he realized that nobody were after him, and those who dared to look at him and tried to go after him, were very soon punched or kicked by someone from the rival team. Gal even took the time to enjoy some of the fight. Then he moved away walking, whistling and happy…


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