After an unsuccessful search of somebody he didn’t have an idea whom they were. Gal was at the top of the tallest building, still at the mafia neighborhood. Clueless, dissapointed but calm, he was looking to the city hoping that any quake wouldn’t start then.
At his left was Raguda’s bay area, where the starship used to take off to space. At his front, about 5 miles away was the hospital, near the highway that took downtown, where fancy Ord’s appartment was. The beatiful city ended in a swamp zone that mixed with the sea, which was full of cocodriles. He was forming the idea of putting his device inside the fangs of one.
At his right, what was there?…oh, yeah! There was Mides house! Why he hadn’t thougth about him? What a dumb he was! It was about an hour from there, he needed to move.
Mides was taller than he was, he was blonde, very strong and he was a very good friend of him. He was a member of the starship crew and one of the best pilots of his world, responsible for saving the ship several times in former battles.
Yeah! He might be helpful. So, without hesitating he moved towards there.
In his way there, he crossed sights with a gorgeous and beautiful woman, he thought she was the prettiest one he had seen in a long time. She was Aia, but neither she or him knew the importance that they would met then…


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