Aia was with five brave Magadians, they were wandering in the streets dressed like Argians. They were worried for several reasons. One, they didn’t have any clue who the contact was; if they knew they’ve just passed aside him, this wouldn’t be a worry anymore. Two, they were considered enemies, because they were Magadians, and things were getting worse between the two worlds everyday, so they needed to hide from the police or any possible Arga agent or militar. Three, the quakes were increasing, that meant only one thing, that their Resistance activities were failing, and that led them to their fourth one, Ord hadn’t communicated in days, maybe he wasn’t alive anymore.

They stopped in a coffee shop in a narrow street trying to remain calm, although coffee wasn’t the best option at all. They were trying to stablish a casual conversation, but they were unable. Aia was looking to a beautiful landscape that was hanging on the wall. She wasn’t listening at all to her five men.

Then, a call from their device. They changed to ear mode. And there it was, the worst news they could have expected. Magada was signing the formal declaration of war. The attack over Arga was inminent. They were out of time…


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