At the same time that Aia was trying to recover from the news of the formal declaration of war, Gal was trying to figure out how to get to Mide’s house without being noticed.
As Gal was a tall man, it was difficult for him to pass as unnoticed as anyone in a similar situation would want. If you add that he was in the most wanted list, things were even more complicated.
Maybe luck would be on his side one more time…And yes, there it was. Oh! This difficulties was making him do things he would never thougth he would dare to do before.
A hovercar was parking in front of him, he just needed to cross the street, kick the driver’s butt and move on.
But a very strong man, not as tall as Gal, but extra fit, came down from it. He looked everywhere, passed his eyes over Gal as if he was part of the landscape, and then began to walk slowly towards the trunk. Gal thougth that maybe this wasn’t the best option.
When then fit man took a big package out of the trunk, then he carried the heavy box towards the entrance of a yellow house. But this wasn’t the luckiest part, the hovercar’s engine was still on!
Gal jumped, ran and hopped in the driver’s seat.
– Sorry man! There are a couple of worlds to save, I need your hovercraft!- Gal shouted while moving away.
The astonished man opened his eyes and mouth slowly, finally dropped the heavy box that fell over his feet and something broke. He shouted Hey! almost at the same time that Argh!
But Gal didn’t listen to that, he was far away moving towards Mide’s house…


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