Gal managed to park his hovercar in front of fancy Mides big house, which was in one of the nicest place of Raguda city. It was white and it was built in a hill where you had the best views of the city.
Gal didn’t have to wait too long until Mides wife opened the door. She wasn’t tall, in fact she looked tiny in front of Mides and Gal, but she was pretty and she had that charm you can’t stop looking. She had short black hair as it was expected in Raguda fashion standars. Her name was Ara.
– Mides! look who’s here!
Mides appeared with a huge smile, and ran towards Gal.
After a long and strong embrace, they smiled at each other.
– What brings you here? My friend?
They went into the big house, where Gal explained the situation to Mides in less than 15 minutes.
Mides listened patiently to him without interrupting. But laughed at Gal luck moments.
– And now I’m in the quest of a bunch of idiots I don’t know and I don’t have any idea where to start!
Mides replied that in the Sector, the secret police headquarters, Gal had become a top priority and they’d said that as soon as any of the starship crew had news on him, they should call immediately under penalty of life jail.
– And here you are, my best friend, just in the right place to be sent to police, but we’ll pretend that you’re not really here and here are the keys of my hoverbi-bike (a fancy hoverbike for two, strong but fast) In these days anyone could have stolen it. Go, my friend, I wish you’ll find them soon!
Dara, who was Mides and Ara’s daughter, 7 years old, came into scene.
– Gal! Did you came to play starship troops with me again?
All of them smiled.
Once in the door, Mides added:
– One more thing, Gal. Don’t you ever dare to bring such a lousy hovercar like that old box into my house…- he laughed and then said- don’t worry, I’ll get rid of it.
Gal took the hoverbi-bike and dissapeared. He saw that Dara’s first communication device was in the passenger’s seat, almost a toy, but he didn’t have time to give it back. He smiled at the memory of starship troops game.
– Mides, is that everything you are going to do for your best friend?- Ara asked.
– Will you?…Dad?…

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