Tales of a near world 19

While Gal was starting to wander in Raguda city streets, trusting his luck to find the bunch of idiots, as he used to name them; Aia was moving his men to a better location in order to stablish connection with the Resistance. She was starting to regret that she accepted to trust Ord completely, just because Mong, one of the secret leaders of the Resistance and a very important Principal, decided to do so. She was just following orders, she would have done things differently.
Now, she felt as she was tied completely. That stupid contact didn’t appear, the time was running out and they were enemies now of the world they were hiding in.
An earthquake started. Fortunately, it wasn’t too long, but strong enough to bring a couple of old buildings to the ground.
Time to move. But where to?
She recognized then that she was playing with the key of the Arc in her hands, half key indeed. The other one was in the hands of a dumb, whom she was certain that he didn’t care anything about. And this compromised the whole thing. It wasn’t important who the hell would win the new war, but the most important was to save the Arc, which contained every important data from both worlds, from culture, history, politics…everything! The only thing that would save the esence of both worlds.
She couldn’t feel more helpless now.
At the same time that Aia was playing with the half key in her hands giving life to all those ideas, Gal was touching his chest trying to look for the half key that Ord gave him a long time ago, it was one of the last time he saw him.
– It will give you luck!- Ord said.
Luck! Gal thougth, I will need more than luck!…

by cecalli.com


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