Tales of a near world 20

Who the hell is Gal?…He was wondering about this same question while moving hopeless figuring out how to find the bunch of idiots. He had less than half hour left and he was starting to resign. As a result he slowed down the “monster” hoverbike, as he renamed the hoverbi-bike, memories went out of his mind freely.

He was back into Space University when he was reckless but self-confident. He could drink tons of alcohol without getting knocked down, all others were out while he was still on party time. Ord was studying something related to World Systems Control. Both were unstoppable. Gal wasn’t the kind of guy who gets all the girls, but sure he had gotten a couple of the best. Neither he was the most popular one, but everybody liked him. He was a nice guy, the one who you would feel comfortable with.

Memories then moved to the time when he was promoted to the starship, he didn’t saw Ord as before because he moved to the Raguda Principal Central Bureau, a fancy name for the tallest building on Raguda, which contolled the Principals affairs locally. While Gal was starting to stay many of his days on space. There he met Mides, who become his best friend.

Then his memories went to the hill, the place where he lived almost all of his life. Gal arrived there when he was 6 years old, but he lost his parents in an accident on the bay area, when a huge crane fell over their hovercar. Bad days then. But the local goverment asigned him a “Regulator”, someone who would take care of him and looked at his needs, but that was changed every year until he was assigned a nice woman, Ronda, she was black, pretty and with curly hair. He loved to play with her hair and she was the most patient person he had ever met. The other three resigned after meeting such a naughty boy. Gal loved her almost as he loved his mother. He called her “mom” indeed. She passed away about three years ago, she had gotten a kind of rare illness.

Gal sighed, he had 5 minutes left until he could be tracked down by the police. His device would loose the cover protection. And he had miserably failed in a quest he didn’t want at all. He pulled the monster hoverbike over. He had 5 minutes of peace, 5 minutes to enjoy the landscape. Raguda was beautiful. In a year it won’t exist anymore, he thought…

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2 thoughts on “Tales of a near world 20

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    • Yeah, I’ve seen pictures. But in Tales of a Near World, a hoverbike “hovers” due to a device that controls the value of gravitons to remain at a certain heigth. By the way, how much does it cost a prototype of those that mention?

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