How to become a warrior woman

First of all, warrior women live in Anurin. A kingdom which is inside the Anuc territory. Anuc is the “Kingdom of Light”, where fierce warriors live in. They have a long story that get lost in time. The territory is separated in several territories that have authonomy, some are small while others are wide and populated.
In this case, we’ll talk about Anurin, where warrior women live in. They have developed a long traditional culture, where men are in a second place, except for the holly men, who play an special rol in Anurin common life, where they are considered sacred because of its relationship with the gods and their divine power and insigth.
Anurin had three queens once at one time, but the one that ruled longer was Namara, she has survived the Anurin wars and lived until the invasion from Vöngur, the kindom of darkness.
A woman in Anurin worths more than a normal man, and all its social life is regulated by rigid laws where a man has no chance but to stay in second place and serve to the community, his mistress owner or if he is fortunate enough, to his wife. A woman can have several husbands, and her only limit would be how wealthy she is. Because, due to the rigid laws of Anurin, a woman who cannot afford the maintenance of her husbands would fall into social dishonor and would loose all her properties, men included.
Although they have a cordial relationship with other cultures in Anuc, that are ruled by men, the characteristics of their culture kept them in a closed but large territory.
They have gotten advanced war technolgies that other  Anuc cultures don’t have. As their territory occupies the middle lands, which have a hot weather, they were forced to explore far lands to obtain all their resouces;therefore, despite their closedness, they have become the best sailors of Anuc. As they don’t have a sea, they developed the technology to sail the air with huge ships and clever wings. They have gone to places where the bravest men in Anuc had never gone.
They are very tall, fit and strong but very feminine. They love art expression and wide streets where the most beautiful architecture can be enjoyed. A marvelous kingdom!
They consider giraffes sacred, and if you ever hurt one, the penalty is death.
Are you a warrior woman?
And if you are a man, would you dare to walk into a kingdom where men are not allowed to walk alone unless they are solving their mistress issues? Would you move to Anuc, where men rule? Post your comments!!!
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