Tales of a Near World 21

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Aia moved with her men to a safer place, a few blocks from the coffee shop they were before the small earthquake. Some minor quakes came afterwards, but nothing to worry about.
They were in an abandoned store in the middle of the street, the sun rays entered through the window smoothly, revealing tiny particles of dust that flew freely. They could stay there for a while without been bothered.
Trying to get communication on the frecuency they were used to was dangerous now. But they’ve kept one device on, just in case.
They had to move somewhere safer to restablish communication in order to ask for a starship that would take them back to their world. But things weren’t that easy, not when a new war was starting. That kept them unable to make a decision, wheter to stay waiting for the man or to abandon the idea, and move forward to whatever came.
They had only seven pulse guns, enough to face an organized group, after all they were trained for that. But if the heavy weigths appeared, things would change against them fastly. Light weapons would only tickle to a pulse canyon tank. Besides, they were on foot. Although they could manage somehow to get hover vehicles and move away.
Aia remained with her sight on the window waiting for something to happen, but she was really enjoying the small dust particles…

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