Tales of a Near World 22

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While Aia was letting her mind get loose with the tiny dust particles, memories popped out. She was at her house in Magada, it was white as any other house in Gur city. It was a huge residence on the top of a hill with a cliff in one border where you could see the whole landscape. It had huge and wide windows all along the cliff side following the natural form of the hill.
Gur city was shiny as silver with streets full of curves that followed the layered landscape, like a pool full of snakes.
Magadians loved nature architecture, which followed the landscape forms. There were cities that had daring forms in mountains or some others were flat. There were also some like Gur with soft curvy style in layers. In Gur the Principal houses were at the top. So Aia used to live in one them, she was daugther of one of the remaining Principals that followed the ancient rules, one who stayed for an integration of cultures, he was a peace man and he was behind the Resistance movement. But he was murdered 5 years ago. Aia had to become more active in the Resistance since then.
A buzz from her device took her back to Raguda city and the reality of war, who could that be? It was a secret line…

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