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Gal was over the monster hoverbike moving fast on a wide highway. There was not too much traffic, as he could pass between the hovercars easily. He was worried and sweating. He knew he had seen her before, but he couldn’t remember accurately. The sun was hitting hard to his face but the air was as cold and tender as it could be for the speed he was moving. He was trying to relax, but the situation was more than stressful, he released the grip on his hands when he realized that he was using more strength than the necessary. But he increased the speed a little bit. He received the message from Aia while he was enjoying Ragudas’ landscape, it was short, just enough to know who she was and her position. But no matter how short, the police was able now to track him via his wrist device and he was unable to get rid of it as he had all the information about the Arc in it. But the bad news were that Aia was in the other side of the city, about 30 min away at the speed he was moving if nothing else happened. On the other side of the highway he saw 5 hoverpolicecars and several hoverpolicebikes, maybe more than ten. They were able to locate his position but they missed the direction. That could give him a small advantage…

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