My First Day!
Join Polo in his amazing adventure as he discovers the world in his first day at school!
Everything is new and fresh for him, he enjoys everything he does with his parents and friends. Be a part of his day, become his best friend and give color to his life. At the same time teach the colors, animals, objects to your children in a very intuitive way, be a part of your son’s/daugther’s adventure. Learn how rewarding is to share time with your kids. Discover the world again!


You can find me as an ebook as “Polo the Little Chicken First Day” at:
itunes store
And as a deluxe printed version as “Polo the Little Chicken” at the same places.
More versions of the book will come in a near future with a pocket price and a drawing version too.
Don’t forget to write great comments when you buy it.
A second book is in the first stages in oven, so wait for it, coming soon next year!
Polo was born in my mind about 8 years ago and started to look light in paper soon, until it was published in the net about a couple years ago. I’ll be posting about the process!

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