Rainbow” is a thriller about a group of common people with different background stories but strong emotions who want to get back to their world, their reality. When they decide to travel this unknow world in another dimension to find a way back and they find a lot of obstacles, they go on a journey to travel this dangerous place and realize that things aren’t that easy, will all of them be able to go back?
Rainbow  started about 20 years ago, it started as a dream for the main story and then many other dreams have enrichened it. The story started to take form about 10 years ago, when I wrote the first paragraph, then I was unable to stop. I have polished the story to get the finest result for all of you to enjoy. The story is divided into 10 chapters.
Here is a sneak peek of it:


“At the end of the rainbow everything is possible…everything is rainbow”

Part 1

To notice the brownish fur being moved by the wind, is not by itself an event to be considered, but if the fur in question belongs to a beast it is certainly something a little bit more noticeable, and if that beast is not something seen everyday, it is impossible not to pay attention to it. I had seen them before, huge, strong, powerful, with terrifing fangs, with which nobody would like to have an encounter. However, there it was, a small bloody piece of its fur, that may have been torn out in a reckless movement of this beast while hastily moving away after having committed some atrocity.
But here lay a man who had lost his life. His body slaughtered, inert, his bloody organs exposed and splattered everywhere in a grotesque scene.
Everything seemed to be just another day, we had gone to sleep early and the night was full of stars. For some reason, nights were lasting longer. We had talked about this fact. Maybe it was due to a change of season. I was unable to sleep and I was moving from side to side in my now lonely room. I was trying to keep my eyes closed, but thousands of thoughts were swimming around in my mind, silly thoughts. And then I heard a scream. Something was going on. I sprung from my bed and opened the door. From the window I could see people rushing from the hut near the woods. Henry awoke feeling extremely sleepy…

Stay tuned in the blog for the description of the book characters and cool stuff about the story.

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